SWAKiKO: Surf Tees with Soul!

SWAKiKO surf shop on Sorobon, Bonaire – decorated with shirts, boards, a bench, guitar and   garlands


SWAKiKO is a surf-brand that was founded on the Island of Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean in 2019 by two good friends, Len Vonk and Marcel Peijs.
While living there, they both acknowledged the lack of unique, artistic and legendary surf-designs among the existing T-shirt brands offered to them. This led to the following conversation...

Len: SWA (Dude)! We are going to make our own T-shirts!
Marcel: KiKO? (WHAT?)
Len: We're going to make our own T-shirts!
Marcel: SWA, KiKO? (Dude, WHAT?)!
Len: Own T-shirts! Serio swa! (Serious dude!)
After their search for the right shirts, printer, shipper, web-shop provider and other logistics solutions, SWAKiKO T-shirts are now available worldwide through their online surf-shop & some awesome partner-shops on the Island of Bonaire.



SWAKiKO Creates unique surf designs on fair and sustainable cotton > Surf Tees with Soul!
We aim to be distinctive in terms of originality and uniqueness. We place great importance on the preservation of our environment and working with distributors in the clothing industry who offer safe and fair working conditions for their staff.


Originality comes first at SWAKiKO. As a surf-brand, SWAKiKO distinguishes itself with designs that radiate pleasure, love and that sweet surrender to surfing and the righteous surf-life.


We are extremely proud that all our designs are printed on shirts made from fairwear & 100% organic cotton &, and that our brand-new surf shirts are made of recycled plastic & fishing nets. 


We use the DTF technique, which ensures that the artwork remains sharp and vividly visible on the clothing for a long time. DTF is a flexible film that is applied to the fabric and then firmly bonded with heat and pressure.

Het ultieme ‘Line-up’ surf T-shirt, hangend in de wind in de vissershut op Atlantis Kite Beach
Sea creature surfs a wave between a lot of waste - Beautiful design for awareness of the plastic soup in the oceans


As surfers, with our own surf-brand, we think it is right to give something back to the oceans which grant us the opportunity to fully enjoy our favourite activity in life.
We realize that surfing amongst turtles, rays, dolphins, seals and sometimes whales, is a privilege that we have to protect. SWAKiKO therefore supports organizations that take initiatives to clean up our oceans, as well as organizations that invest in biodegradable alternatives to our overreliance on single-use plastics, like Clean Coast Bonaire.

*All profits of our T-shirts in our "Fantastic Plastic" line, go directly to supporting the above projects.
In addition, SWAKiKO participates in events such as the Wild Plastic Art Show, which aims to raise awareness around environmentally-threatening production and consumption patterns.


The launch of our online store, with its original T-shirts, is an immense step for us that we are extremely proud of. We have achieved our first goal, which is to provide fair-trade and sustainable T-shirts with our unique surf designs to awesome people around the world.
Looking to the future, we are focused on maintaining integrity in our own production means and further improving our company wherever possible. In order to make a truly fundamental contribution to changing the clothing industry long-term, we are taking the necessary steps to sustainably grow and achieve our goal of becoming a certified B Corporation by 2025.
We cordially invite like-minded organizations to contact us. We look forward to working together on achieving this goal!

Enjoy your T-shirt!  Enjoy your session!  SWAKiKO!

Surfer in the waves at Playa Chikitu on Bonaire