Shipping rates

In this section we explain as much as possible what the shipping rates are for different countries and what these rates mean for the total order price within and outside the EU.

At the bottom of this page you find the tables with the shipping costs per country.

Shipping rates and shipping zones

We try to make our T-shirts available all around the globe in the most economical way possible. We always take a part of the shipping costs on our behalf and from a certain amount, which varies by country, we take the full shipping costs on our behalf.

As shipping rates to different countries can vary enormously, we have categorized countries based on similar shipping rates. In addition, we have made a distinction between EU countries and non-EU countries because no VAT is charged on the value and transport of goods to countries outside the EU.

What this means for the price per T-shirt inside and outside the EU is shown below with a few numerical examples.

Shipping costs within the EU

We ship orders above €50 free of charge to many countries within the EU. Some countries within the EU are free of charge on orders exceeding €75 and to the Canary Islands above €150.

An example:

When you’re in France and order 1 T-shirt of €34,75, an additional €14,50 shipping costs will be added, which makes €49,25 in total. If you order two T-shirts, your order will be above €50, which means that the shipping costs are canceled and you only pay the price of the two T-shirts: €69.50

Shipping costs outside the EU

For non-EU countries, no VAT is charged on the product and the shipping costs. Since every single T-shirt of €34,75 contains VAT €6.03 (34.75: 121 x 21), when ordering multiple shirts outside the EU, a part or even the entire shipping costs will be 'earned back'.

Check if there are import rates in your country for imported T-shirts from the Netherlands.

Benefit for non-EU countries

If you live in the US and order 3 T-shirts of €34,75, you will pay the average price of €35.39 per T-shirt. If you live in the US and order 4 T-shirts of €34,75, you will pay the average price of €33.72 per T-shirt, which is cheaper than within the EU!

See the example calculation below:

Calculation for an order from the US of 4 T-shirts of €34,75

4 x 34.75: 1.21 = €114.88

Shipping costs = €20

Total = €134.88

Per T-shirt = €33.72

All shipping costs together

The first table below shows the shipping costs for countries within the EU.

The second table shows the shipping costs for countries outside the EU.

Please feel free to contact us when your country is not listed. We will look for the relevant rate, add it to our website, and of course send you the T-shirt!